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What is HBT90 shotcrete pump for sale

The concrete line pump is a kind of construction machine for concrete pouring. It pumps the concrete to the pouring site through the pipeline. Usually, a concrete pump trailer as the following main technical parameters: delivery displacement, outlet pressure, power and distribution valve form. Both electric and diesel ones are available. The theoretical conveying distance(vertical/horizotal) is 280/1400 meter.

Advantages of Haomei concrete line pump

1. The power system, hydraulic system and pumping system are reasonably matched to effectively utilize the maximum power of the motor.

2. It has high material absorption. The actual pumping efficiency reaches more than 80% of the theoretical value.

3. The configuration is more optimized, and the imported hydraulic parts and electrical components are used to greatly improve the reliability of the equipment.

4. The unique distribution oil circuit buffer technology ensures that the S-pipe swings in place and prolongs the service life of the S-pipe.

5. The application of high and low voltage switching simplifies the operation mode.

6. The lubricating system adopts forced filtration, pre-pressed double-pump energy-saving automatic centralized oil supply system, which has sufficient oil supply, better lubricating effect, and reduces consumption by more than 50% compared with ordinary continuous oil injection.

7. The power system adopts international brand hydraulic main pump, and the motor adopts domestic famous brand to provide strong power.

8. The unique open hydraulic system and the proprietary hydraulic buffer technology make the system less impactful and generate less heat when reversing. At the same time, the international famous brand heavy-duty hydraulic main pump and hydraulic valve are selected. The displacement of the main pump is large and the diameter of the hydraulic valve is large, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the concrete pump.

9. The humanized and intelligent electric control system optimizes the man-machine interface, making man-machine integration and easy operation. It has accurate monitoring of the whole machine.

Technical parameter of concrete line pump near me

ItemUnit HBT90
Theory Concrete Output
(Low / High Pressure)
m3/h 90/60
Concrete Pressure
(Low / high pressure)
Mpa 11.5/1.8
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 32
Rotation speed r/min 1480
High / low pressure switch
Distribution valve
S valve
Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke mm 200/1800
Main oil pump discharge ml/r 2x190
Motor powe Kw 2x90
Voltage/ Frequency V/Hz 380/50
Hydraulic tank volume L 700
Height of adding material mm ≤1450
Hopper volume m3 0.7
Total mass Kg 7000
Concrete slump mm 80-230
Aclinic Delivery distance m 1300
Theory vertical pumping height m 280
Dimension: L*W*H mm 6400*2480*2350

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