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What is mini concrete pump

The concrete pump truck is controlled by Programmable Logic Controller,man-machine interface and kinds of buttons and switches in order to input different operation signals. The programmable controller ensures the performance and reliability of the electricity control system. The man-machine interface in addition to set up the system parameters, but also through the screen each lamp, convenient debugging and judgment fault.

The features of mini concrete pump truck

1. concrete pump truck is easy and flexible to move, high mobility.

2. It can be done by only one operator to complete mixing and pumping, saving labors.

3. Our concrete pump truck has two functions. Mixer and pump can work independently, also can join each other quickly without dismounting the machine.

4. As long as the amount of the stone of which the size is over 40mm is not more than 20% of the total amount, this machine is workable after screening.

5. Pull rail connection between mixer and the pump makes it easy to replace the piston.

6. The frame of the concrete pump truck is designed to be telescopic, can be adapted to narrow roads and streets.

7. Adopting single open circuit hydraulic system

8. Relay integrated electric control system is simple and reliable and ensures the discharging efficiency

9. Independent cooling system, the cooling efficiency is high; manual lubrication system, fuel efficient and reliable

10. The drum friction wheel is driven synchronously by double bevel gear shaft, it is reliable and non skid.

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