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What is HBT80 concrete pump trailer

HBT80 concrete pump trailer consists of pump body and delivery pipe. It is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It is mainly used in construction projects needing a large amount of concrete pouring or in narrow space such as houses, bridges, foundations, mines, highways and railway tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower projects, geological disaster slope treatment, etc. Another smaller model is HBT30 trailer mounted concrete pump.

Features of HBT80 tower concrete pump

1. It has two concrete conveying methods: high pressure with small displacement and low pressure with large displacement. The user can choose according to the reasonable requirements of the project for concrete conveying height (or distance) and displacement.

2. The hydraulic system adopts the original equipment of the world famous German Bosch Rexroth. The main oil pump and the valve group control the work of the concrete pump, greatly improving the reliability and service life of the hydraulic system.

3. The reversing impact is small, the working oil circuit has few links, the valve group is of high quality.

4. The main electrical components are all imported, coupled with the excellent assembly quality, which fully guarantees the high reliability of the electrical control system.

5. The distribution valve adopts S pipe valve system, which has good sealing performance, simple and reliable structure, and easy replacement of wearing parts.

6. The large-displacement main oil pump with constant power variable and manual variable can give full play to the main power efficiency when it is in the state of constant power.

7. It can pump reversely, which can be used as a means to remove the blocked pipe when a short-term blocked pipe occurs.

8. The maintainability is excellent, and the reliability of the system has been fully considered in the design of this machine.

9. It adopts automatic centralized lubrication system, ensuring the most effective lubrication during machine operation.

10. The remote control can be selected according to user needs.

After-sale service

1. We provide one year warranty for the whole machine.

2. We provide 365x24 year round online technical help. We have more than 5,000 service engineers around the world, and we are determined to provide you with the dedicated service of "15-minute quick response and 24-hour completion".

3. Spare parts arrives in time. We have thousands of spare parts centers all over the five continents and nearly 1 billion professional spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered to you within 72 hours.

Technical parameters of HBT80 trailer line pump:

ItemUnit HBT80
Theory Concrete Output
(Low / High Pressure)
m3/h 85/42
Concrete Pressure
(Low / high pressure)
Mpa 13.5/8
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 32
Rotation speed r/min 1480
High / low pressure switch
Distribution valve
S valve
Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke mm 200/1800
Main oil pump discharge m/r 224
Motor power kw 110
Voltage/ Frequency V/Hz 380/50
Hydraulic tank volume L 500
Height of adding material mm 1400
Hopper volume m3 0.7
Total mass kg 6200
Concrete slump mm 120-200
Aclinic Delivery distance m 1000
Theory vertical pumping height m 250
Dimension: L*W*H mm 6680*2210*2150

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