What are the types of concrete pump trucks

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Concrete pumps are currently a commonly used construction and transportation equipment, so what are the classification of concrete pumps? Specifically, it can be divided into the following three categories:

1. boom pump
The concrete boom pump is also called concrete pump truck. The operation flexibility of the pump truck is quite good, and the relative speed is very fast. It should be noted that the cost of maintenance and use is relatively high. However, due to the limitation of the height in homework, there are many requirements for the site.
2. truck-mounted concrete pump
Compared with the boom pump, the on-board pump has no independent bracket, but the advantage is that it occupies less space and costs less. Because there is no bracket, the labor intensity of the workers is relatively higher. The advantage is the low cost of operation. Therefore, if the high-pressure pipe is used, the transportation height will be relatively high.
3. trailer concrete pump
The trailer concrete pump is also called drag concrete pump. There are tires that can be towed to the operation place by tractor. The cost of operation is relatively the lowest, but the disadvantage is slow conveying speed, and the transportation height is not as good as the vehicle pump.
Combined with the above three concrete pumps, the truck-mounted concrete pump is a more moderate type of concrete pump, its advantage is that the arm pump can do, but when at construction, it needs to install pump pipes in advance, so it is relatively troublesome, but relative to the trailer concrete pump, its transport speed and transport height will be higher.

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