Diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump component

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What is a diesel concrete pump?

Diesel concrete pump is a powerful concrete pouring equipment, which is especially suitable for high-level concrete pumping with strong pumping power and compact structure. Diesel concrete pump for sale totally eliminate the shortcoming of electric concrete pump, such as limited conveying height, different voltages in various areas and limited availability, which are very popular all over the world with easy starting, smooth pumping, low energy consumption and high availability.

Diesel concrete pump component name showing in details:

1. Pump outlet 2. Hopper 3. Mixing mechanism 4. Lubricating system 5. Hydraulic oil tank 6. Fuel oil tank 7. Rack 8. Main valve block 9. Towing bridge 10. Hydraulic system 11. Cooling system 12. Diesel engine 13. Tool box 14. Supporting wheel 15. Pumping mechanism

16. Rear cover 17. Engine cover rings

What is a electric concrete pump?

Comparing with diesel concrete pump, electric concrete pump adopts electricity as its original power, which has the superior advantages in its low costs, easy maintenance and wide application. The optimized configuration of electric concrete pumps greatly improves the reliability of the equipment. The unique allocation of oil buffer technology ensures that the S tube swing is in place and extend the service life of the S tube too.

Electric concrete pump component name showing in details:

1. Pump outlet 2. Mixing mechanism 3. Hopper 4. Rack 5. Hydraulic oil tank 6.Engine cover 7. Hydraulic system 8. Cooling system 9. Road wheel 10. Lubricating system 11. Coupling 12. Tool box 13. Motor 14. Electric control cabinet 15. Supporting wheel 16. Pumping system

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