What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Concrete Pump with Mixer Machine

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The concrete pump with mixer machine can not only transport concrete, but also perform on-site mixing. One machine can be used for two purposes. In addition, the cost of concrete mixer and pump is cheaper than purchasing concrete mixer and concrete pump separately, so it is favored by many construction parties. It is often used for conveying concrete in engineering construction, grouting foundation piles, and sludge conveying.\

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1. Long conveying distance and high pumping floor

The concrete mixing pump can generally reach a vertical height of 70 meters (20-25 floors), which can generally meet the needs of self-built houses or even higher. The horizontal conveying distance is 300 meters, which can meet the hardening needs of rural roads.

2. High production efficiency and easy operation

The concrete mixer pump can mix and transport 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour, and its efficiency is about three times higher than that of traditional equipment. It can also be controlled fully automatically and can be operated by one person. The actual income will also be about 3 times that of traditional equipment.

3. Safe construction and low risk factor

The pumping is generally carried out by pipeline transportation. This method can significantly reduce the risk factor during the construction process. No stones will fall and hit employees and passers-by, and no wire rope will break and hurt workers.

4. The integrated design makes the equipment take up less space and is flexible and convenient to move.

5. It integrates mixing and pumping, making it more convenient for users to carry out high-efficiency construction.

6. During construction, it will not affect the steel structure of the floor, and the quality of the poured floor is better.

7. Under the same pumping effect, the one with low power is the best choice. Compared with other manufacturers, Haomei concrete mixer machine with pump has a lower power, fully considering the affordability of rural power grids.

8. Since it is very cheap, its investment risk is small, and it is suitable for many small projects with low requirements on the quality and efficiency of pouring concrete.


1. We must lay pipelines on the building when it is used, and the preparation time is long and the workload is heavy.

2. As the pouring position changes, the placement point must be manually moved.

3. The diesel concrete mixer with pump does not have a motorized walking mechanism, so it needs to be dragged, and the moving speed is slow.

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