Small Boom Placer Concrete Pump Truck

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The small concrete pump truck integrates high reliability, high economy, high safety, and high durability. The chassis, power, electric control, hydraulic pressure, and pumping systems are reasonably matched. The width of the whole vehicle is 2.3 meters, and the passability is excellent.

The concrete pump truck boom is the most important component. However, in daily work, the process of pumping concrete will have a strong impact on the boom. Therefore, during construction, the boom of the small concrete pump truck will shake to a certain extent, which is not a good thing for the boom.

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Because of the vibration, the boom will be subject to various deformation forces, which will cause the boom steel to be prone to fatigue deformation, which will cause the boom of the small concrete pump truck to crack and even cause serious safety accidents. Therefore, in the daily use of concrete pump trucks, the maintenance of the booms of the small concrete pump is very important.

Daily inspection work:

1. Since the installation part of the entire concrete pump truck is installed above the chassis of the car, the connection between the top and the chassis needs to be inspected for irregularities to ensure the firmness between the two.

2. Check the turntable of the concrete pump truck, that is, the connecting part between the boom frame and the concrete pump truck. Mainly check whether the connecting pin shaft and the rotating gear are seriously worn, check whether the bolts are loose and abnormal, and whether there is material fatigue cracking in the connecting part.

3. Check the boom cylinder, balance valve, oil pipe, etc. for oil leakage, and whether the oil pipe interferes with structural parts, etc. As the power source of the entire boom movement, the oil leakage of the oil cylinder and other factors will affect the rise and fall of the entire boom, which usually manifests as the boom in the oil cylinder cannot work normally.

4. Check whether the welding between the pump tube bracket and the boom of the boom placer concrete pump is firm. The pump tube bracket is the connection between the pump tube and the boom.

5. Check the connection parts between the boom and the boom, including the gap size at the connection and the wear of the pin shaft. Solve it immediately in the case of problems.

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