What Are Features of Small Concrete Pump Truck

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The small concrete pump truck is a kind of concrete equipment that can use its own boom to realize concrete pumping. It saves the process of taking over and dismantling pipes, making the construction process more streamlined and greatly reducing the intensity of workers' construction. Therefore, it has a very wide range of applications, not only for urban construction, but also for concrete construction in rural areas and water conservancy projects.

In terms of the booms, different concrete pump manufacturers and different length of the concrete boom pumps has different designs. There are two sections, three sections and four sections. The more the number of the booms, the better the flexibility. This is like the joints of the human body.

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In addition to pumping concrete upwards, the concrete boom pump can also pump concrete horizontally and downwards. When it is horizontal, the boom rotates 180° in the direction of the chassis, and then unfolds in a straight line. When the boom truck is working downwards, one section an only be used as a load-bearing arm, and the effective pumping length is the sum of the lengths of other booms except the one section.

The hydraulic system is the core part of the boom concrete pump truck, and the quality of the hydraulic system will directly affect the performance and efficiency of the main engine. There are two control methods: one is a closed hydraulic system; the other is an open hydraulic system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The closed circuit has small reversing impact, small heat generation and simple structure; while the most prominent feature of open circuit is that it can easily control the displacement of the pump according to the load, especially in short-distance pumping.

The reliability of structural parts involves the safety of concrete pump truck. The structural parts of pump trucks need to be made of high-strength steel. Haomei Machinery chooses 1100MPa grade ultra-high-strength steel combined with intelligent manufacturing production lines such as robot welding, which greatly improves the reliability of structural parts such as pump truck booms and underframes.

Generally speaking, the longer the boom of the concrete pump truck, the higher the price of the concrete pump truck. The boom lengths of concrete pump trucks currently on the market range from 22 to 63 meters. 36m concrete pump for sale has been inquired by our customers recently. Usually, the longer the boom length, the higher the concrete floor that can be transported. Therefore, users can decide the selected boom according to their own purposes and needs.

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