How To Design Distribution Valve for a Line Pump Tractor Trailer

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A line pump tractor trailer are now used more and more frequently in engineering construction. It has two types: electric and diesel. Rich models can satisfy the need of different scales of projects. The use of advanced and smooth S-pipe valve reversing can meet the transportation of commercial concrete, and it is not suitable to block the pipe.

The concrete pump trailer relies on the conveying pipeline to pump concrete, so the configuration of the conveying pipeline is also one of the important procedures of operation. The pipeline design should try to avoid pipe bends and adopt a straight line to ensure that the pipeline interface is sealed and leak-free, and the pipeline cannot be placed directly on the ground.

The distribution valve of the concrete pump is a very important part. What are the requirements for the design of the distribution valve?

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1. Good discharge performance

In order for the concrete pump to have good discharge performance and to pass through the distribution valve smoothly, the flow channel of the distribution valve must be short and smooth, with small changes in cross-section and shape. It has strong adaptability to concrete and can pump different slump of concrete.

2. Good sealing

The relative moving parts of the valve and the valve body must be well sealed to reduce the phenomenon of slurry leakage, otherwise it will affect the performance of concrete and the performance of concrete pumping.

3. Good Wear resistance

The working conditions of the distribution valve of the concrete pump are quite bad. It always has strong friction with the concrete during the working process. If the wear resistance is not good, it will be easily damaged, and the sealing performance of the distribution valve will be damaged, which will affect the pumping performance of the concrete pump.

4. The reversing action is flexible and reliable

The reversing action of the distribution valve of the hydraulic pump, that is the input and discharging actions, should be coordinated, timely and rapid. Generally, the reversing action should be completed within 0.1~0.5s (preferably 0.2s) to prevent the mortar from flowing back. Welcome to leave message below to inquire hydraulic pump price.

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