How to Buy and Debug Concrete Mixing Pump

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The concrete mixing pump undertakes the dual functions of mixing and pumping. Compared with a single mixer or concrete pump, its workload is definitely twice or even several times that of a single-function device.

The construction process of the concrete mixer and pump is followed by installation, piping arrangement, inspection, forklift feeding, material loading, mixer mixing, conveying, pumping concrete to the designated position for construction - cleaning after construction is completed.

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It also has two types: electrical and diesel one. The diesel concrete mixing pump is upgraded on the basis of full hydraulic pressure. The motor drive is changed to diesel engine drive, and the output torque is larger. The motor speed is only 1500 rpm. The output oil volume of the oil pump is increased by 20%. The drum speed, hopper lifting speed and pumping speed are all accelerated by 20% with the same configuration.

When you buy concrete mixer pump trailer, the configuration of the product cannot be ignored. It is usually necessary to observe the frame thickness, workmanship and materials of other key parts of the concrete pump.

When selecting parts, the material of the hydraulic hose and the lubricating copper pipe is as important as the "main oil pump", the heart of the delivery pump. Once a problem occurs with one hose, it will affect the normal operation of the entire hydraulic system, resulting in mechanical failure.

After buying a concrete mixer pump trailer, how to debut it?

1. Various components, accessories and random items of various debugging equipment should be fully equipped according to the standard.

2. Prepare hydraulic oil and lubricating grease, and the oil quality of hydraulic oil should meet the requirements.

3. Fill hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil and cooling water according to the regulations, and at the same time, the hydraulic oil should be added to the specified oil level.

4. Check, debug and test the concrete mixer and pump to make it enter the normal working condition. At the same time, the hydraulic system should meet the standard after debugging.

5. The pipe diameter of the concrete pump for debugging is 125.

6. The experimental concrete should meet the standard.

7. The equipment should be placed on a flat and solid ground.

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