How to Buy Concrete Boom Placer

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The concrete boom placer is a device that integrates the pumping system for pumping concrete and the boom system for placing on the chassis of the vehicle. The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in the hopper into Inside the pipeline. The pipeline is attached to the boom, and the operator controls the movement of the boom to deliver the concrete pumped by the pumping system directly to the pouring point.

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1. Boom

The boom of the concrete pump truck is like a human arm, which makes the working mode of the pump truck more flexible and changeable. Pump trucks are so expensive because most of the cost is attached to the boom.

Considering cost, concrete boom pump manufacturers believe that the thinner the steel plate used for the boom, the more cost the equipment saves.However, due to the working requirements of the boom, the boom of the pump truck must have sufficient strength to support its own weight as well as the pump pipe and the concrete in the pump pipe.

The quality of the boom is not only determined by the material, but also determined by the production process of the boom. Welding and heat treatment of steel plates will affect the quality of the booms.

When working, we require the stability of the boom to be good enough. When concrete exerts an impact force on the boom, the boom always maintains a stable posture and does not vibrate left and right up and down. Therefore, the material fatigue deformation of the boom is alleviated and the life of the boom is prolonged.

2. Chassis

From a cost point of view, imported chassis like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo is good, but the price may be 2-3 times that of domestic chassis. It may take you several years to earn it back. So, this is a very tangled issue.

3. Hydraulic system

The boom frame and the master cylinder adopt hydraulic systems. However, different brands of pump trucks also have differences in hydraulic systems. A good hydraulic system can generate greater working pressure, and has the advantages of small conversion impact force and easy control.

Part of the reason for the boom wobble is that the working pressure of the hydraulic system is not stable enough. The maximum working pressure that the main oil cylinder can produce directly determines the maximum height of the concrete pumped by the pump truck. Therefore, the hydraulic system must not only achieve a specific action, but also optimize its action performance while realizing its action requirements, so that the generated pressure is larger and smoother.

The hydraulic system should also have overload protection and standardization of hydraulic components. Overload protection is to prolong the service life of the hydraulic system itself and reduce the probability of failure of hydraulic valves and hydraulic oil pumps.

In order to maximize the profit of aftermarket repairs, some manufacturers use non-standard parts, forcing customers to use parts produced by the manufacturer, resulting in long repair and parts cycles. Haomei Machinery, concrete pump truck manufacturers will save you such troubles.

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