What Will Cause Damage of Hydraulic Concrete Pump

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In the construction machinery industry, the hydraulic concrete pump is a common equipment and is widely used in the market. It is composed of pump body and conveying pipe. It uses mechanical pressure to continuously convey concrete along the pipeline to the floor or the ground, which greatly saves labor and improves work efficiency. Currently, it is mainly used in house construction, bridge and tunnel construction.

There are many models of concrete pump trailers. The selection is mainly determined according to the pumping distance, height and conveying volume. HBT concrete pump is a hot selling series. What does HBT stand for?

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Take Hbt50-10-55S concrete pump for example. HBT stands for concrete pump trailer; the number 50 stand for capacity; the number 10 means the outlet pressure is 10 MPa; 55 is the rated power of the engine; S stands for S valve.

The hydraulic pump is the core component of the ready mix concrete pump. Most of the failures of the concrete pump truck come from the abnormal operation and damage of the hydraulic pump. Therefore, this paper analyzes and summarizes the common faults of the hydraulic pump, their causes, and matters needing attention:

The hydraulic pump is the "heart" of the concrete pump truck, so when there is a problem with the concrete pump, the first thing to notice is the hydraulic pump, and sometimes the pump is often blamed. If the structural design of the pump is correct,the manufacturing quality, material and heat treatment of the parts all meet the design requirements, the failure of the concrete pump trailer may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Air is mixed

2. Cavitation

3. Fluid pollution

4. Gear and connection box is won and damaged

5. Over pressure

6. Use inappropriate working fluid

The above points are common faults of hydraulic pumps, and many reasons often coexist in the field. Routine maintenance should be strictly standardized to ensure that the hydraulic pump is in a good working condition, so as to achieve safe and efficient production. Welcome to leave message below to inquire RMC pump price.

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