Which operations will cause blockage of concrete mixer pump

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In daily concrete pumping work, if the operator because of various faults, it is likely to cause the blockage of the mixing pump.Which operations will cause blockage of concrete mixer pump
1, operator's mental concentration is not concentrated.

In pumping construction, the concrete pump operator must concentrate on the reading of pumping pressure gauge. If the reading of pressure gauge suddenly increases in the construction process, it must immediately reverse pump 2-3 stroke and then positive pump, so that the phenomenon of pipe blockage can be eliminated. If the positive and negative pumps have undergone several operation cycles and the blocking phenomenon has not been eliminated, the pipe must be removed and cleaned in time at this time, otherwise the blocking phenomenon will be more serious.
2. Improper pumping speed.
The speed of the concrete mixer pump is critical when pumping. The first pumping should be at a low speed, which is due to the greater resistance of the pipeline during the first pumping, and after normal pumping, the pumping speed can be properly increased. If there are signs of blockage or the slump of concrete in a car is small, the boom pump should be pumped at low speed to eliminate the blockage in the budding state.
3. Improper quantity control.
When the concrete mixer with pump is pumped, the operator should observe the residual material in the hopper at any time. It is worth noting that concrete residue should not be lower than the mixing shaft. If the residue is too small, it is likely that air inhalation will lead to pipe blockage. If there are too many piles in the hopper, plugging will also occur. Usually, the material in the hopper should be lower than the guard bar so that the coarse aggregate and super large aggregate can be cleaned in time. When the concrete slump of a vehicle is small, the residual material can be lower than the mixing shaft and controlled above the "S" pipe or suction port to reduce the resistance of mixing, swing resistance and suction resistance.
4, the downtime is too long.
The trailer concrete pump should be opened every 5 to 10 minutes during the shutdown period (depending on the temperature, concrete slump and initial setting time of concrete on that day) in order to prevent the occurrence of pipe blockage. If the downtime is too long and the concrete starts to coagulate, then it is not suitable to continue pumping.

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