The pouring sequence of concrete pump truck

Posted On: 12/11/2018 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

The pouring sequence of concrete pump truck should meet the following requirements:
1. when transporting concrete by conveying pipe, it should be poured near and near.
2. the concrete in the same area should be layered and continuously poured according to the order of horizontal structure in the vertical structure.
3. When construction joints are not allowed, the interval time of concrete pouring between regions and between upper and lower layers shall not exceed the initial setting time of concrete.
4. when the lower concrete is first solidified,pouring the upper concrete, the construction joints should be treated according to the regulations.
5. According to the characteristics of Engineering structure, plane shape and geometric size, the capacity of concrete supply and pumping equipment, labor force and management capacity, and the size of surrounding sites, the concrete pouring area should be pre-divided.

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