Whether the pumping system of concrete pump works normally

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The pumping system plays an important role in ensuring the normal operation of the whole concrete pump, ensuring the safety and trouble-free of the pump system of the concrete pump can effectively reduce the occurrence of construction failures.

In the process of using any equipment product, we must remember to maintain and maintain it in time. Concretely speaking, the following contents are included in the correct inspection of the trailer concrete pump pumping system.
1. The clearance between the piston and the cylinder of the concrete pump shall conform to the specification.
2. The adjusting clearance between the distribution valve and the eyeglasses plate shall conform to the specification to ensure that the pumping, returning and pumping are powerful and should not lag behind.
3. The wear amount of the cutting ring should be within the scope specified in the instruction manual.
4, after starting, let the concrete machine run no-load, this is very important. Observe the indicator values of each instrument, check the operation of the pump and stirring device, and confirm that everything is normal before operating. In addition, 10 litres of water and 0.3 cubic meters of cement mortar are added to the hopper before pumping to lubricate the pump and pipeline.
5, parts should be complete and complete, and pipes should not leak.
6. There should be no abnormal sound in the work of water pump and oil pump, and the water quality (cooling water in rinsing box) and oil quality should not be turbid.
7. The cooling system of the pump truck works effectively and should comply with the instructions.
8. Wet sacks or straw bags should be used to cover the pipeline in hot sun, and timely watering to cool down, while cold season should take insulation measures.

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