Matters needing attention in selection of concrete pump truc

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Matters needing attention in selection of concrete pump trucks:

Types and structures of buildings

The performance of concrete pump truck varies randomly. In addition to the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technology requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered when selecting the type of concrete pump truck. Usually the main performance parameters of the concrete boom truck should be in accordance with the construction requirements or slightly larger, if the capacity is too large, then the utilization rate is low; too small, not only can not meet the construction requirements but also accelerate the loss of concrete boom pump.

Construction adaptability

Because the concrete pumping machine is flexible, and the higher the boom height, the greater the pouring height and the material distribution radius, the stronger the construction adaptability, in the construction should try to choose the high boom concrete pump truck. The concrete cement pump truck with a boom length of 28 ~ 36m is a large quantity of products in the market, accounting for about 75%. The long boom concrete pump truck will become the main type of construction. In addition, because the concrete pump truck is limited by the vehicle chassis bearing capacity, when the height of the boom exceeds 42m, the cost increases greatly, and is limited by the construction site space, so it is seldom used.

Construction volume

The number of jls concrete pumping used can be calculated according to the amount of concrete pouring, the actual conveying capacity of a single machine and the construction operation time. For those pumping construction projects with a large amount of disposable concrete pouring, it is advisable to have a certain amount of reserve in addition to the calculation. In addition, the concrete mixing station with an annual production capacity of 10~15 million m3 shall be equipped with 2~3 concrete boom.

Product configuration

The product performance of concrete line pump rental should stick to a high starting point when selecting type. If the high value coagulant pump truck is selected, the standard requirement for its product must also be improved. The quality of the main components of the product, from the intrinsic quality to the appearance quality, should be compatible with the high value of the vehicle.

dynamic system

Concrete pump working adopts full hydraulic technology, so it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced or not, and how the quality of hydraulic components is derived from the engine because of its power, so in addition to considering the engine performance and quality, it is also necessary to consider the performance of the chassis, bearing capacity and quality.

operating system

The operation control system of trailer concrete pump has manual, wired and wireless control mode. Wired control is convenient and flexible. Wireless remote control can be operated remotely. Once the circuit fails, manual operation mode can be adopted.

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