The working principle of putzmeister concrete pump

Posted On: 23/02/2024 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

The putzmeister concrete pump, which integrates concrete mixing and pumping, it is equivalent to a mobile concrete batching plant.

Concrete pumping equipment is a "conveyor pump with mixer", its mixing system is divided into drum type and forced type, the principle is the same as ordinary mixer, it is one of the major systems of mixing tow pump mixing system. The transportation of concrete mainly depends on the conveying system of the agitating pump and controlled by the electric control system.

The concrete pumps for sale drives the hydraulic pump through the motor, and the hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic cylinder, pushes the piston in the conveying cylinder, and carries on the alternate movement of "one push and one suction". The concrete is sucked into the conveying cylinder from the hopper and pumped out. The process is controlled by the hydraulic valve and switched by the swinging cylinder in the distribution system.

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