What is the appropriate concrete pump for concrete plant

Posted On: 03/11/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

The concrete and its related products produced by commercial concrete mixing plant have many kinds, different types and different construction sites. And these different grades of concrete products are transported by the concrete plant to transport the concrete pump truck to transport.
So how to choose the concrete pump ? What is the appropriate concrete pump for concrete plant?
1. commercial concrete mixing plant production are generally large, producing a heavy task, which requires the trailer concrete pump to transport concrete products for single delivery needs to be large enough to send concrete plant product production to the site.
2. concrete pump boom maximum transmission distance of at least 300 meters. Due to the characteristics of different sites are not the same, in the actual process of concrete transport, will inevitably encounter some very high requirements on the conveying distance of the site, this time on the need to arm boom pump and long distance to concrete.
3. it can flexibly adjust its structure to adapt to different needs of the site.
4. This cement pump machine with high safety coefficient and equipped with GPS positioning precision tracking system.

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