Precautions for extension arm frame of concrete pump boom

Posted On: 10/11/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

In the field of construction, the concrete pump boom plays on a very important role in concrete construction. What should be paid attention to when the concrete pump truck extends its boom?

In the work process of concrete pump truck, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete pump truck leg has been properly supported before the operation of the arm, and in the process of operation, the arm must be strictly in accordance with the order of instructions. If there is abnormal action in the boom operation, press the emergency stop button immediately. Professionals can identify the cause and exclude it before continuing to use it.

In the operation of pump boom, in the thunderstorm or bad weather conditions can not use the arm frame. The arm can not be used in the weather of greater than 8 wind. In addition when working near power lines should be careful risk of electric shock, and ensure the safe distance between the boom and the wire; because the boom is below the danger zone, so to avoid concrete or other parts fall wounding, in the whole process of boom operation, boom should be in the field of vision of the operator in.

On the other hand, boom pump parts in operation process, the area around the danger zone when the pump is started at the end of the hose swing, not stand within the prescribed range at the end of the hose, concrete pump to start the pump end hose shall guide, it may hurt or swing spray caused by concrete accident.

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