What are Main Folding Methods of Concrete Boom Truck

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The technical difficulty of concrete boom truck lies in how to ensure the rigidity of the boom and how to deal with the vibration of the boom during operation. To handle these two problems well, it does require some technical accumulation.

At the same time, the folding method of the boom, how to make the height and width of the boom after folding, is also a problem that designers need to consider when designing. Therefore, the longer the boom length is, the more it can demonstrate the comprehensive technical ability of a brand.

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Usually the folding method of the boom of the concrete pump truck is related to the position of the slewing bearing seat, the number of boom sections and the design style of each manufacturer. Different designs have different folding methods.

1. The folding method of the two-section booms

Usually two-section boom concrete pump trucks can be folded in two ways. The first is the upper fulcrum type. The reason for this method is that the first section of the boom is at the top, which is beneficial to the stability of the whole vehicle; the second method is the lower fulcrum type, which has the advantage of being more convenient to unfold.

2. The folding method of the three-section booms

There are 6 commonly used combinations of three-section boom folding methods according to the fulcrum position and folding method, and each folding method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Among them, the structural layout of the R-shaped folding arm is relatively compact, while the opening space of the Z-shaped folding arm is relatively low, and the action is fast when opening and folding. Therefore, these two folding methods are also used in practical operations.

3. Folding method of four-section boom

Compared with the two-section boom and the three-section boom, the four-section folding method has more combinations, and M-shaped, S-shaped, RZ-shaped, etc. are commonly used in construction. Among them, the RZ shape is a combination of the two basic methods of the R shape and the Z shape, and it is more widely used because it has the advantages of both.

The greater the number of booms, the better the flexibility. This is like the human body's joints, the more the number, the better the flexibility. Haomei Machinery has different models. Welcome to leave message below to inquire concrete boom pump price.

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