What about blocking pipe of putzmeister concrete pump

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In the construction process of putzmeister concrete pump, pipe blockage always occurs for various reasons, which delays the progress and efficiency of construction. Here are concrete pump truck manufacturers to tell you the causes and solutions of pipe blockage, hoping to help you.

One of the simplest reasons for blockage is that the operator is not concentrated, the trailer concrete pump operator should always pay attention to the reading of the pump pressure gauge. If the number of pressure gauges suddenly increases, the boom pump should be pumped back 2 to 3 strokes immediately, then the pump can be corrected, blockage can be eliminated; if there is no effect, the pipe should be removed and cleaned in time. ,
Another situation is that the operator of schwing concrete pump adjusts the speed very fast for the task. Especially when the first pumping, pipeline resistance is large, should first low-speed pumping, normal can be properly accelerated, must not only pay attention to efficiency, otherwise it will be counterproductive.
Foreign body blockage in concrete pump:
Theoretically speaking, pipe blockage is most likely to occur when three large stones meet and clamp in the same cross section. At this time, most of the cross section is occupied by stones, and the circulation area is very small. A grid can be set on the hopper of the pump to prevent the over-diameter stones from mixing in.
Poor concrete mix ratio of concrete conveyor pump
When the pressure gradient is large, the water will permeate through the aggregate gap, which causes aggregate coalescence to cause pipe blockage, mostly occurring in the pipeline bending, diameter changing and the middle of the pipeline where hoses are arranged. In addition, when the water cement ratio of concrete is too large, it is easy to segregate, resulting in the separation of mortar and aggregate and pipe blockage, which is more common in the "segregation" blockage and vertical downward distribution of long-distance horizontal pumping. The lower end of the pipe is segregated and blocked. When cement dosage is too small and sand ratio is too low, concrete and workability are poor, deformation is difficult, friction resistance increases in the pipeline, and pipe plugging is very easy. When the slump of concrete is too low (below 80 mm), the pumping resistance increases obviously, which makes pumping impossible.
Unreasonable particle size of concrete pump sand
When the fine sand content passing through 0.315mm sieve hole is small, the concrete pump car pipe will be blocked even if other technical specifications of concrete meet the requirements. Because these fine sand plays a ball-like role in concrete, it can reduce the friction between pipe wall and concrete, improve the fluidity, increase the cohesion and water retention, and have a great impact on the pumpability of concrete.

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