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  As a comprehensive pump manufacturer in the country, Haomei supplies concrete pump truck for sale from 25m to 63m, meeting requirements of different customer groups. Our concrete pump for sale has gone through fully automated welding, top pre-weld finishing, boring machine processing, positioner welding and other processes, achieving seamless welding of the pump truck and high stability of the boom. Hydraulic hose fittings are manufactured by Eaton, USA, ensuring a safe hydraulic system with no leaks. Specifically speaking, advantages of our concrete pump trucks are as below.

  Adaptive variable power technology

  Our concrete pump truck for sale adopts the second-generation technology fuel consumption 0.6-0.7 (liter / square), (engine speed and oil pump displacement, oil pump power is constant) making full use of engine power according to load changes. It’s so energy efficient that it can reduce the fuel consumption by 7-10% based on the second generation technology.

  Equipment vibration isolation

  The natural frequency of the device is staggered from the pumping frequency. The probability of resonance is zero.
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  Pipe design

  Our concrete pump for sale is designed by optimizing the design of the conveying pipeline, reducing the number of small elbows, and comprehensively prevent plugging.

  Start with file

  The wireless remote control can remotely start and stop the engine, which is easy to operate.

  Fault self-diagnosis

  The concrete pump truck for sale is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis system which effectively shorten troubleshooting time by realizing real-time monitoring of system working status and instant display of fault information on the screen.

  Hydraulic oil level automatic protection

  The status of hydraulic oil reserves are monitored in real time, and the system automatically alerts or stops the pump when the oil quantity is insufficient. The system oil temperature is controlled within a reasonable range to improve the reliability and life of the hydraulic system. 42-63 meters pump truck, the oil temperature in the hydraulic tank is <65 degrees. Hydraulic oil cleanliness is upgraded to level 7.

  Unilateral support

  Single-sided support technology automatically limits the movement of the concrete pump truck to a safe area when working in a specific area.

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