Ratio control of cement for concrete trailer pump

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  Concrete is a substance made by mixing sand, stone, cement and other materials by a concrete pump or plant, so the ratio of concrete to cement in a trailer concrete pump will affect the quality of concrete mixing and the strength of concrete after setting. Generally speaking, the total amount of cement and mineral admixtures for pumping concrete should not be less than 300kg/M3. The ratio of water consumption to the total amount of cement and mineral admixtures should not be greater than 0.60. The sand ratio should be 35%~40% .
trailer concrete pumps and wet concrete

  There are many mechanical equipment for mixing and pumping concrete, and each type of equipment may use different cement. Take the HM concrete trailer pump for sale as an example. Under normal circumstances, about 10 cubic meters of concrete requires about two bags of cement. Similarly, the amount of cement is also related to the aggregate condition. For pebbles and crushed stones of general particle size grading, the latter usually uses a larger amount of cement; while artificially crushed sand and natural sand, the former uses a larger amount of cement. For lightweight aggregates or porous aggregates, due to the characteristics of water absorption under high pressure and 1 water under low pressure, it is easy to cause lean concrete in the pumping process and cause dry and hard bleeding. The amount of cement should be appropriately increased.

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