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Posted On: 24/06/2021 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  The rapid development of civil construction enhances the application of electric and diesel trailer concrete pump machines. Is a concrete pump trailer diesel expensive, then? Generally it’s more expensive than an electric pump of the same capacity. The extra cost of a diesel pump covers the expense for an electric generator. However, other costs should be taken into account, too.
a concrete pump trailer diesel

  There are reasons for the popularity of the more expensive diesel trailer concrete pumps. The first is its independence of electricity. Although there’s no lack in electric supply in China, some regions in the world are still in shortage of it. Just like in the 1980s in China, people rely on diesel power for most engines. Diesel pumps greatly liberate construction workers from dull repetitive manual work. Second, diesel pumps have their advantage in pumping height. In many construction sites electric pumps are used only to fill the foundation, and tall buildings are usually concreted by diesel pumps, for diesel pumps are more powerful and stable in operation. The diesel version of the concrete trailer pump is equipped with a diesel engine, which is directly powered by the diesel engine without the need to connect to the electricity, and is not affected by the electric factors of the construction site, and the power output is accurate.

  Should you choose diesel pumps, anyway? It’s up to your construction requirements. If the external power is sufficient and convenient, you can choose an electric trailer pump, which is cheaper in price. However, if it’s inconvenient for most of the construction sites to be connected to electricity, diesel pumps are recommended.

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