Trailer concrete mixer pump

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  A trailer concrete mixer pump can be divided into drum type and compulsive type. The key difference lies in the concrete mixer type. The drum type concrete mixing pump is mainly driven by the motor to drive the drum tank to rotate. The rotation of the tank drives the material in the tank to move axially and freely, and the materials are fully mixed through continuous rotation. The advantages of the drum stirring drag pump are high mechanical cost performance, simple structure, and large amount of one-time stirring. But compared with the forced pump, the efficiency is lower and the mixing quality is poorer. The tank of a forced concrete mixing trailer pump does not move when working, the mixing arm and mixing blade are driven by the rotation of the mixing shaft, and the materials in the tank are forced to be mixed. The mixing effect is very strong, the mixing quality is good, and the overload capacity is strong. , There is no segregation during unloading, and the production efficiency is high.
trailer concrete mixer pump

  Either type it is of, a mixer pump falls on three types based on the configurations. The first is known as common trailer concrete mixer pumps, with only a drum concrete mixer, a concrete pump and wheels supporting them. You have to equip an extra trailer to move such a pump. These pumps are suitable for building floors, inclined roofs, factory floors, railway bridges, water conservancy dams, and road construction, especially suitable for projects in the countryside, for the price is lower and the configuration is perfect for countryside projects. The second is called a vehicle-mounted concrete mixer trailer pump. In addition to the configuration above, it is driven by diesel and electric power, and has a car chassis, so it is more convenient to move, and it is also convenient in places without electricity. The last is compulsory concrete mixer pump trailer that is more expensive and suitable for large projects.

  Haomei Machinery supplies trailer concrete mixer pumps of 20m3 to 120m3 per hour. Welcome to inquire.

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