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  Pipe blockage occurs a lot in the running of a concrete pump machine trailer, which will seriously affect the construction progress and take a lot of effort. The causes and prevention measures are as below.

  Reasons for pipe blockage

  1. Failure in lubricating the pump pile before the concrete was pumped, and the water in the concrete was absorbed by the pump pipe, resulting in pipe blockage.

  2. Too large aggregates or long-term segregation of concrete lead to pipe blockage.

  3. Air leakage and slurry leakage at the pipe interface of delivery pump.

  4. The larger the concrete drop, the larger the free water and the larger the friction in the pump pipe.

  5. Failure in clearing the delivery pump pipe after finishing a previous construction project results in large amount of concrete remaining in the pump pipe and causing pipe blockage.

  6. Inappropriate operation of operators.
A trailer concrete pump machine is working.

  Methods of preventing trailer concrete pump machine from pipe blocking

  1. Before each concrete pumping task, it is necessary to pump appropriate amount of mortar to lubricate the pipeline until the mortar is delivered from the end of the pipeline. This step should not be avoided. You can use cheaper concrete pipe agent to replace mortar.

  2. Before pumping, check whether the concrete is qualified, whether there is too large aggregate, whether there is segregation, and deal with the problems in time. Do not pump reluctantly. 3. When connecting the pump pipe, put the sealing rubber ring at the interface, and use tools to fasten the pipe clamp, so as to avoid pipe blockage caused by air leakage and slurry leakage at the interface.

  3. After the completion of the construction, clear the pump pipe in time using the cleaning ball to avoid the blockage caused by the concrete solidification in the pump pipe.

  4. The operator should be alert and pay attention to the pressure dial all the time. If the pressure suddenly increases, stop the pump immediately and reverse the pump. Repeat the operation for three times to clear the small range of pipe plugging.

  6. When using a trailer concrete pump machine for construction, the principle of "more straight pipe and less elbow pipe" should be adhered to in the layout of transmission pipeline, so as to reduce the resistance in the transmission pipeline.

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