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Many decorative concrete contractors have preferred no-fail concrete mixes they rely on for the majority of their projects. If you have your own gold-standard mix designs, you'll need a concrete pump trucks built to handle them.The maximum volume output and conveying distances touted by pump manufacturers are only theoretical. These capacities will vary depending on such factors as the mix design, job conditions, and diameter and length of the pipeline used.
Some trailer concrete pumps are multipurpose machines that can accommodate a variety of mixes while others are engineered for specific mix types.
Generally, the maximum aggregate size the pump can accept will govern the type of material it can churn out efficiently. Pea-rock pumps, for example, are designed to pump cement-based mixtures containing a 1/2-inch top aggregate size, such as repair grouts, shotcrete, and self-leveling overlays. Other line pumps can handle higher-slump concretes containing larger coarse aggregate (3/4- to 1 1/2-inch rock). These models are better suited for placing concrete slabs and other structural elements.
When shopping around for a small-line trailer pump, you'll encounter a variety of terms describing the type of piston or valve system used to draw the concrete from the hopper and propel it through the delivery line, such as a ball valve, rock valve, S-valve, or swing tube. Some of these systems are proprietary to a particular pump while others are more generic. Ask the pump manufacturer to provide details about the performance capabilities and advantages of the system they use.
Some models are capable of delivering concrete at rates topping 125 cubic yards per hour and distances as far as 1,500 feet horizontally and 400 feet vertically.
For decorative work, consider going with a pump equipped with variable volume control, which lets you adjust the pump output to suit the tempo of the job. This will permit you to slow down concrete delivery if the finishing or stamping crew falls behind.

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