The safety of concrete pump in construction

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How to ensure the safety of concrete pump in construction?
1, the concrete pumping equipment should be placed with the edge of the pit to maintain a certain distance.
2, gravel particle size, cement label and the ratio should meet the concrete pump pumpable requirements. When pumping, the material in the hopper should be higher than the height of the inlet, to prevent the intake of air hurt.
3, to be strictly prohibited the vertical pipe directly attached to the pump output port, should be vertical tube erected front end of the length of not less than 10m horizontal tube, the horizontal tube near the trailer concrete pump should be installed check valve. When laying down the inclined pipe, the lower end should be fitted with a horizontal tube, the length of which is at least five times the inclination of the high difference, otherwise the organic elbow and so on. Increase the force. If the inclination is large, if necessary, should be in the top of the ramp device exhaust valve to facilitate the exhaust.
4,Leg should be fully extended and a solid, before a solid start placing boom is not allowed.Placing boom to rise from the support rear can turn.When placing boom out should be done in order.It is forbidden to use placing boom lifting or drag objects.
5,When the fabric rod is fully extended and support, it is strictly prohibited to move the body. Operation need to move, the upper section of the bar should be folded and fixed, moving speed not more than 10km / h. Do not use more than the provisions of the diameter of the pipe, the hose should be fitted with anti-off safety rope.
6,Each concrete pumm part control switch, the regulating handle, hand wheel, lever and plug, etc. Shall be reset.Unloading hydraulic system.
7,Should keep the water tank filled with water,once found that the watery turbidity and more sand should be timely inspection and treatment.
8,When the concrete pump truck pumping system is under pressure, do not open any piping and hydraulic piping. Hydraulic system safety valve shall not be adjusted, the accumulator can only be filled with nitrogen.

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