The proper use of concrete pump truck

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The proper use of concrete pump truck can bring benefit to concrete mixing plant.

The special nature of the work object of concrete pump determines the use of concrete pump truck must understand to pump concrete requirements, including quality, mix of concrete component materials and preparation quality requirements.

Concrete pump, also called trailer concrete pump is composed of pump body and conveying pipe. It is a kind of pressure, the concrete along the pipeline continuous conveying machinery, mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. Concrete as the working object of the pump truck, its quality and mixing ratio directly affect the pumping efficiency and pumping performance.

Choosing the right cement. Cement has two functions in the concrete pumping process, one is cementation, and another is lubrication. The pumping pressure of concrete is transmitted by liquid matter of lifting. The liquid phase carrier can only be pumped when the solid substance moves together. The cement has good water retention properties, it is not easy to make concrete in the process of pumping water. The fly ash cement concrete, liquidity is good, but the early bleeding is large, suitable for low slump, and continuously pumping as much as possible.

Control cement usage. The relationship between the amount of cement and boom concrete pump conveying resistance and solvent resistance of the feed efficiency increased significantly, and the water retention of concrete is poor, easily bleeding, segregation and clogging, if the cement content is too large, will make the concrete viscosity is too large, conveying resistance increases, but little change in solvent pump efficiency.

Concrete  pump with mixer apply with three pump system, hydraulic circuit without mutual interference, system operation; anti pump function, to remove plugging failure, and short downtime to be expected; the use of advanced S pipe distribution valve can automatically compensate the abrasion gap, good sealing performance; the wear resistant alloy plate and the floating cutting glasses ring, long service life.

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