The processing of schwing concrete pump leakage parts

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1. Hydraulic system of schwing concrete pump

(1) Main leakage detecting parts

① Side cover of oil tank, drain plug, oil filter and liquidometer.

② Each oil pump, spindle nose of oil motor, joints of inlet and outlet, faying surface of oil leakage port and case assembly, pipeline joints.

③ Connection surface of hydraulic valves, faying surface of valve and baseplate.

④ Seal part of oil cylinder cover and piston rod.

(2) Common disposal method for oil leakage

Dispose the oil leakage aiming at the reason, repair the damage part of faying surface, fasten the bolts of faying surface evenly, clean the polluted parts and reassemble them, replace the disqualified sealing elements and parts.

2. Water leakage of schwing concrete pump

(1) Main detecting parts: liquidometer, top cover of water tank, water drain valve, air filter, faying surface of concrete cylinder and hopper, rubber piston of concrete cylinder, water pipe connector, discharge opening of hopper, small end S pipe spindle nose, etc.

(2) Main disposal methods: fasten connecting bolt, replace sealing element, adjust gap of faying surfaces, repair the damaged parts of faying surface, etc.

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