The adjustment of pump truck wear down parts

Posted On: 16/06/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

After using pump truck for a period of time, the cutting ring and glasses plate wear down, needing adjustment. Although these components are made of high quality material with little abrasion loss, the gap still needs to be adjusted, the total adjustment amount reaches to 8mm. If the glasses plate wears to form a groove, it can be ground by surface-grinding machine (by diamond wheel). The adjustment of valve pipe makes the valve pipe swing to the middle position between the two cylinders. Disassemble the binding nut of rocker arm, put briquette between the rocker arm and nut to make S pipe move toward outer spindle nose (toward delivery cylinder), reduce the gap between the glasses plate and cutting ring to about 0.1mm. And then lock the rocker arm.

Notice of adjustment of pump truck wear down parts :

Don’t put glasses plate too close to S pipe cutting ring, otherwise, it will speed up wear.

If both glasses plate and cutting ring need replacing, make S pipe swing 1800 upwards, thus, they are easy to disassemble.

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