Inspection during concrete pump running without load

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Inspection during concrete pump running without load:

1,Start the pump, check the oil pressure of accumulator, it should reach to the stipulated value

within 20s.

2,Press down the pumping button; the propelling movement of the concrete cylinder piston should match up the reversing movement of S pipe; if the propelling frequency is too high, replenish closure oil.

3,Push out left and right pistons respectively, check whether the set screws at the piston center are firm by special purpose wrench; the rubber piston should be sealed well without water leakage (during suction stroke, a small amount of leakage between the outer edge of piston and cylinder wall is allowable).

4,Press down the reversing button of piston to test the reverse pumping control, the reversing and restoration of piston should be reliable and flexible.

5,Test whether the forward and reverse mixing and mixing stop are reliable and flexible.

6,Check whether the indication of the electric instruments, indicating lamp and hydraulic pressure gauge is correct, without fault.

7,Test whether the independent control of remote control button on pumping start and stop, and the alternate manipulation between remote control and electric control cabinet panel control satisfy the use requirements.

8,Running without load for half an hour, check each part; the running parts should not have abnormal noise and too high temperature; the hydraulic system should not have leakage; the oil level and oil temperature rising are normal, without bubble in the oil; the water level drop in water tank is unobvious.

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