Inspection and maintenance before concrete pump operation

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Inspection and maintenance before concrete pump operation:

1, Electrical equipment: routine inspection. Each switch should be in the stipulated state.

2, Hydraulic oil: oil level and oil quality inspection.

3, Add water into the water tank and inspect: fill clean water into the water tank, observe for 10min, the water level should not drop obviously, if it drops obviously, detect the water leakage reason and dispose it.

4, Hopper inspection: clean the hopper, without concrete residue and sundries; the mixing blade should be fastened, without damage or deformation.

5, S pipe: each part is intact and clean, the fasteners are fastened reliably.

6, Appearance inspection of hydraulic system: the fixing condition of each pump, oil motor and valve satisfies the requirement, they are connected with the oil pipe firmly, with fine sealing;

when rotating the coupling to make every pump rotate, there should not be blockage and abnormal noise; the manual reversing valve should be flexible, with reliable position.

7, Inspection of concrete delivery pipe: check each pipe before connection, the interior should be clean and smooth, the exterior should not have fracture or serious deformation; the clamp and its connecting screw should be intact and clean, the rubber sealing ring on the clamp should be intact and elastic, without dry cement residue; the pipeline laying should be as flat as possible, with firm and reliable connection and supporting, out of touch with the sundries that may damage the pipe fittings.

8, Inspection during concrete pump running without load

9, Lubrication inspection

(1) Check the quality and amount of grease in the oil storage container of manual drying oil pump.

(2) Lubricate each part, and check whether the lubricating oil really arrives at the parts needing lubrication.

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