Inspection and maintenance during concrete pump pumping oper

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1, Inspection and maintenance of electrical equipments

①Check whether the voltage of electric pump is normal; check the storage battery and circuit of diesel pump;

②Check whether the instrument, indicating lamp and all the operating pieces work normally;

③Operate in accordance with stipulated the sequence, avoid starting with load;

④Keep cleanness and dryness of electrical equipments;

⑤Protect the cable and remote control wire.

2, Inspection and maintenance of hydraulic system

①Ensure that the level, quality and temperature of oil in the oil tank meet the requirement;

②Ensure that the oil pump, pressure of oil motor, flow, noise and temperature rising are in normal range;

③All the valves, accumulators and pressure gauges should work well;

④The connection of hydraulic pipeline should be reliable without leakage.

3, Inspection and maintenance of water tank

①The water in the tank should be replenished in time, when the water consumption is too fast, check to find the reason and dispose it;

②Keep the water clean. If the water is muddy or there is oil floating on the water surface, change the water in time; if the water pollution is serious, clean the water tank; the general water tank cleaning frequency is once per 5~8 shifts. If the water polluting speed is too fast, check to find the reason and dispose it;

③Pay attention to heat preservation during cold seasons, or add 20I antifreeze solution to prevent the water tank being frozen.

4, Inspection and maintenance of hopper

①Clear the oversize aggregate or other sundries on the grid away at any time, don’t remove the grid arbitrarily;

②Wash the cement paste that spills to the external of hopper in time;

③Prevent the reinforcing steel bar and other foreign matters entering into the hopper; check the reason in time if the mixer shaft is blocked and eliminate the fault;

④Lubricate the mixer bearing in time.

5,Inspection and maintenance of S pipe

①Wash the concrete splashed on the external of the valve box away by water in time;

②Keep the valve window airtight, if there is water leakage, mortar leakage or air leakage, check and dispose it immediately; after opening the valve window, it is necessary to clean the sealing surface and seal ring and close it tightly;

③Ensure that each lubricating point of distribution valve, and the bearing pedestals of big end and small end are lubricated.

6, Inspection and maintenance of delivery pipe

①The pipe connection should be fastened and sealed, if there is water leakage or mortar leakage, disassemble it to check and dispose in time;

②Check the pipe supporting and fixing condition, and maintain them in time.

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