The common electric faults of trailer concrete pump

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How to solve the common electric faults of trailer concrete pump?

Possible reasons Fault removal methods
1 The pumping part
isn’t powered on
1. No power in the storage battery
2. Wiring fault of
electromagnetic valve plug
1.Check the storage battery and
2.Adjust the circuit
2 Be unable to
pump automatically
1. The control power supply isn’t connected.
2. The storage battery switch doesn’t start.
3. “Remote control” button SB3 is at the position of remote control option.
4. The approach switch is damaged or the installation position is incorrect.
5. The component is damaged.
1. Switch off QF2 and QF4, check the power supply.
2. Must turn on storage battery switch firstly.
3. Reset the position of SA3 button.
4. Replace the approach switch and ensure that the induction distance is within 6mm.
5. Check the circuit
3 Be unable to inch
The automatic pumping doesn’t stop Inch again after automatic pumping stops
4 QF2 and QF4 trip off when inching Feed through of the electromagnet is burnt out. Replace the electromagnet
5 The electromagnet doesn’t respond The coil is burnt out (judging method: connect the control power supply, take off the rubber cover on the top of electromagnet, hold a mandril by hand to push valve core inwards, then rotate the corresponding operational button, for example, rotate the swing button of distribution valve or the inching button of left and right cylinder, the small valve core pushed in should jump out. If it doesn’t jump put, it indicates that the electromagnet opposite to this electromagnet is burnt out; or rotate inching button, the corresponding electromagnet should sound.) Replace the electromagnet
6 The approach switch is insensitive There is greasy dirt sticking on the induction surface; the induction distance is too large; the water temperature is too high; they are all damaged. Replace the approach switch or clean and adjust

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