The reliability operation of the boom concrete pump

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According to the characteristics of concrete construction, the requirement for reliability of the boom concrete pump is strict. Concrete boom pump often works under various complicated situations, therefore, the construction safety is especially important. The safety matters concerning pumping operation are as follows:
(1) Before being used, the concrete pump should be fastened; set up four supporting feet to make the tyre separate from the ground, or disassemble the tyre.
(2) Check the supporting condition of the hopper and chute at the upper part of pump to ensure the stability and reliability.
(3) Frequently check the supporting and fixing condition of delivery pipe, adjust and consolidate them at any time.
(4) Don’t remove the sieve on the concrete pump hopper, otherwise, it is easy to generate mechanical or personal safety accidents.
(5) Ensure that all the lubricating points of concrete pump are lubricated.
(6) Prohibit the water tank operating without water, otherwise, it will quickly damage Y-type seal ring and concrete cylinder piston even if the pump is operating without load.
(7) The pressure of each safety valve of hydraulic system should meet the requirement stated in the instruction manual, which isn’t allowed to change.
(8) There should be antifreezing measure when constructing in cold seasons.
(9) When constructing in hot seasons, prevent the temperature being too high. When the temperature reaches to 70℃, stop the operation.
(10) After finishing pumping, clean the hopper, S valve, concrete cylinder and delivery pipe in time. After finishing cleaning, release the pressure of accumulator, cut off the power supply and rotate each switch to the stop position.
(11) Prohibit putting hands into the hopper and water tank at any time of the pumping process.
(12) The workers are prohibited climbing or sitting on the back of delivery pipe, especially during working high above the ground.
(13) After finishing pumping and before the cleaning, reversely pump for several strokes to reduce the pressure in the delivery pipe to avoid accidents.
(14) Pay attention to the eye damage caused by hydraulic oil splashing, sodium silicate and other chemical matters.
(15) Pay attention to the internal and external protection of cable wire, keep the electric control cabinet dry and prevent water splashing in.
(16) There should be safety and accident prevention devices, such as, indication and warning signs, fence and metal baffle.
(17) The non-operator can't enter the working area (not smaller than 1m) set surrounding the pump without permission. Replace the delivery pipeline within 3m from the operators, fasten it and protect it with wooden plate or metal baffle wall.
(18) The numerical reading of oil return pressure gauge can’t be greater than 0.04Mpa, the use, installation and wiring of electric control cabinet must be conducted by the specialized persons.
(19) The concrete level in the hopper must be higher than the mixer shaft, so as to avoid concrete splashing caused by sucking air.
(20)This machine can be dragged by motor-driven vehicle, without carrying any article, the dragging speed should ≤8km/h.
(21) When withdrawing the supporting legs, firstly withdraw the rear supporting leg, lay the supporting wheel down and then withdraw the front supporting leg.
(22) After starting the diesel engine, operate without load for a period of time to ensure the normal pumping of diesel engine.
(23) Pay attention to the injuries generated in the operating process of diesel engine.

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