The Market Survey Of Schwing Concrete Pump

Posted On: 17/01/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

The research shows such schwing concrete pump spectrum and domestic producers consecutive growth , product performance and quality are quick to pick up on .

In 2003 , Trinity developed a 56 m concrete boom pump , has become one of the world when you can probably sell for the production of one of the three companies of this long arm pump , pump and boom in the Chinese research and development into the world advanced level.China became the largest manufacturer of boom pumps,pump trucks are exported to all over the world.

Schwing concrete pump user community of the important annual production capacity is 300,000 cubic meters of concrete products over to pick a qualified supplier for walking than the force of the construction industry, the construction unit , there is certainly a variety of economic strength and range planning construction machinery leasing company, from the original construction unit construction management department did not evacuate the settings , etc. ; individual users is important to coastal areas of the individual and the individual machines mixing station leasing department. Front of the user groups in the country have at least 800 or more, according to the scope of every five international old cases , after a few years of its truck ownership will arrive around 4000 , plus individual users 1000 , this figure is impressive special .

With the development of industry, commercial concrete walk , schwing concrete pump specifications and more comprehensive , higher quality.Further cooperation and inquiry free contact our

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