The Pump Truck Maintenance From Details

Posted On: 17/01/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

The pump truck maintenance mainly from the details, for each part to make the necessary regulation.

1, pumping process matters needing attention, attention wash pipe wash machine.. right wall tube.B. master certain emergency troubleshooting measures.C. to learn to check each part of the pump truck, all parameters are normal, avoid the happening of the accident.D. learn to correct replacement pump truck parts.

2, pump truck maintenance a. boom, turret, leg, the transmission part pump truck chassis to refill the butter.When filling the butter must be enough quantity for the first time, twice a month later, seen with the fourth or fifth rotational parts require filling twice every week.. the washing room clean water filling over the piston rod.

3, in addition, the winter two litres of lithium base grease or waste engine oil, add some washing powder in summer or detergent to enhance piston lubrication.Circumstances change.shake hand until at both ends of stirring shaft of the medial, size bearing grease pump clean lithium base grease inside out.Automatic lubrication of playing against oil pump lubrication points.

4,remember hydraulic oil drain before you start every day.Clean vehicles, bear in mind that electric control cabinet, driving indoor don't flush, only to wipe.

To ensure the normal use of every small parts, to ensure that the whole sets of equipment for mixing pump truck normal use.For pump truck maintenance must be constant, this not only can prolong the service life of it, but also in use process will greatly improve work efficiency.

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