The arm frame maintenance of concrete pump truck

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In the concrete pump truck daily work, the condensing pump truck will have a strong impact on the arm, and the arm will bear the deformation force from all sides which will lead to the fatigue deformation of the arm steel, so that the boom frame of the boom pump is cracked and even serious safety accidents occur. Therefore, the maintenance of the boom in the daily use of the boom pump is very important.
Maintenance work of the boom of the concrete boom pump

1, periodically lubricate the lubrication points of the boom, use the special grease of the concrete pump truck arm to ensure its good working performance.
2, bolts fasteners, nuts and so on through the torque wrench regular reinforcement, according to each bolt fixed torque through reinforcement. If the bolts and nuts are replaced, please replace them according to the same specifications, including the strength grade of bolts and nuts.
3, the arm cylinder balance valve is easy to cause blockage because of excessive hydraulic oil impurities, so the hydraulic oil replacement of the pump should also follow the normal maintenance process of the concrete pump boom.
As the entire loading part of the pump is installed on the chassis of the car, the connection between the upper and the chassis needs an irregular check to ensure the firmness between the two.
Check the pump turntable, it is the connecting part of the arm and the concrete pump truck. It mainly checks whether the connecting pin shaft and the rotary gear are worn seriously, check whether the bolts are loose or not, and whether the connection part has material fatigue cracking.
Check the oil cylinder, balance valve, oil pipe and other oil leakage, the oil pipe is interfered with the structure and so on. As the power source of the whole boom pump arm movement, oil leakage and so on will affect the landing of the arm.

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