Solving Stationary Concrete Pump Displacement Control Proble

Posted On: 22/02/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

Stationary concrete pump when pumping with maximum displacement, displacement control, this will certainly affect the normal pumping work of the concrete pump.
There are two aspects of the reasons for this phenomenon.
Electrical failure can be divided into two parts, respectively, PLC output point Q0.0 points, Darlington tube damage:
1, while adjusting the displacement button, respectively, measured Q0.0 point and Darlington tube voltage changes, so Q0.0 points and Darlington tube normal;
2, measuring the proportion of electromagnetic coil coil resistance of 26 ohms or so, so the normal.
On the other hand,Electric proportional electromagnetic valve or the main oil pump constant power problems,In this case can be removed under the constant power valve, found with the roller with the chute fracture, replace the displacement after the normal regulation.

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