Customer Feedback Pumping Concrete Some Work Problems

Posted On: 21/02/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

We have more than 10 years experience in production of concrete boom pump factory, our professional and technical personnel records all kinds of problems whenthe customer using the pumping concrete, and gives a method to solve, hope to be of help to you;On the other hand, if you have any technical issues or pruchase requirements,please contact us (

1. Problem: After pumping concrete the switch, the boom pump is off

Processing: (1)remote control is not open (2) emergency stop shooting (normal when the control box KA2 indicator light)

2. Problem: The stirring shaft does not turn

Remedy: stir the solenoid valve coil to burn out, check and replace the coil

3. Question: boom of pumping concrete

Processing: try to adjust the screw on both sides of the balance valve

4. Problem: small oil cylinder oil leak

Processing: (1) base oil, change 0 ring (2) the oil cylinder body, replace the oil cylinder

5.Problem: the car alarm has been ringing

Treatment: (1) lack of pressure, pressure.

(2) antifreeze water tank level, fill the water can be.

6. Problem: There is noisy when the steering wheel is turned

Treatment: help oil shortage, plus help oil.

7. Question: clutch, throttle occasional failure, brake is too heavy

Processing: insufficient brake oil, brake oil

8. Problem: unable to recover after leg outstretched

Handling: leg get to recovery, and then, to support oil cylinder goes back to his leg.

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