Solution to tube plugging of trailer concrete pump

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The tube plugging can of a trailer concrete pump can be solved by steps as below. 
1.After the blockage occurs, perform the reverse pump dredging first. If the reverse pump dredging is invalid, the blockage should be immediately determined and the pipeline should be shut down to clean the pipeline.
2.How to find the blockage part:
While the pump operator is performing the forward pump-reverse pump operation, other personnel are looking for blockages along the conveying pipeline. Generally speaking, the pipe section from the outlet of the pump to the blocked part will vibrate violently, and the pipeline after the blockage point is static. The concrete in the blockage section is sucked and made noise. After the blockage point, there is no sound. The dull sound and dense feeling.
3.Once the blockage is found, while performing the forward-reverse pump, use a wooden hammer to analyze the place, and sometimes the smoothness can be restored. If there is no effect, immediately disassemble the pipe for cleaning.
4.If it is blocked and the judgment is inaccurate, it can also be cleaned in sections. If the concrete material in the pipe is found to be condensed when the pipe is removed, all pipe joints should be opened without hesitation, quickly cleaned up step by step, and the trailer pump should be cleaned to prevent the concrete from condensing and failing to decay and the concrete pipe is scrapped.
An hbt80  trailer concrete pump
In regard of tube plugging of a trailer concrete pump, necessary precautionary measures are more important. You are advised to take measures in the following aspects.
1. In terms of concrete quality:
1)The workability of concrete is poor, manifested as: the diameter of coarse particles is too large or the standard configuration does not meet the requirements; 
2) The sand rate is too low or the standard configuration does not meet the requirements; the amount of cement is improper or the quality does not meet the requirements; 
3) The mixing is uneven or the mixing time stays too long ; The raw material has too much water absorption, and the admixture is not suitable, etc. It has poor cohesion and poor water retention. 
Because the quality of concrete is the main cause of blockage, it should be controlled and prevented.
2. The trailer concrete pump itself: improper adjustment of hydraulic system parameters.
3. In terms of piping: water leakage of pipes or joints causes pressure drop or pressure relief during transportation, the bending radius of the elbow is too small, and the unevenness of the pipe causes grooves and misalignment.
4. Before pumping the concrete pump truck, use the corresponding amount of pipe lubricant to lubricate the pipes of the pump truck according to the required volume.
5. Operation: Waiting time for materials or downtime is too long.

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