How to Choose Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump

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The concrete mixer machine with pump has been widely used in the construction of major construction projects. Its convenient function of on-site mixing and timely delivery of concrete has been welcomed by the majority of construction parties.
The concrete mixer pump is controlled by the remote control to automatically feed and mix. The concrete is pumped through the pipeline to flow directly to the pouring site. The entire construction team only needs 5 people and a small forklift. The construction process is to use a small forklift to feed the concrete mixing pump.
concrete mixer pump
The mixing and conveying operation uses remote control, which saves labor and greatly reduces labor intensity. The distance level through the pipeline can reach 200 meters, and the pumping height can reach 70 meters high.
Therefore, urban construction projects like to choose it, especially in the construction of new rural construction, highway construction, tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower and other engineering constructions. How to choose a quality one?
1. Have a basic knowledge
Before purchasing a mixing pump, customers must have a general understanding of the relevant knowledge of the mixing pump, so that they can have their own ideas and purchase a suitable mixing pump.
2. Concrete mixing pump brand
When buying a mixing pump, the choice of brand must be cautious. At present, there are many companies producing concrete pumps. Don’t only pay attention to the price, but also the after-sale service. After all, it has a long service life.
3. Product configuration
When choosing a diesel concrete mixing pump, the configuration of the product cannot be ignored. It is usually necessary to observe the frame thickness, workmanship and materials of other key parts of concrete pumps. When selecting parts, the materials of hydraulic hoses and lubricating copper pipes are as important as the "main oil pump".

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