Small cement pump price and operation tips

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  Small cement pump operation tips

  The small concrete pump delivery pipe is not assembled with the whole machine. When used on site, it is configured according to different working conditions. The pipe layout is flexible and not restricted by height and length. Due to the high pumping pressure and severe vibration of small concrete pumps, the concrete conveying pipes are fixed on the ground or wall with supports. When pumping at high floors, due to the gravity of the concrete in the vertical pipes, it is necessary to prevent the concrete from flowing backwards. A section of horizontal pipe is arranged at the outlet of the horizontal pipe to balance the gravity of the concrete in the vertical pipe through the friction between the concrete in the horizontal pipe and the pipe wall, and a hydraulic shut-off valve is set at the junction of the vertical pipe and the horizontal pipe.
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  Small cement pump price

  In fact, the price of a small cement pump depends on which model the customer needs for construction. If the construction project only has a head under 10 meters, then the LEB-10 type can meet the construction requirements. If the pumping head is greater than 10 meters, it is recommended to choose the LEB-30 type equipment. The motor power of the LEB-30 type small concrete pump is 15KW.

  The working performance of the small concrete pump depends on the model. When purchasing and selecting models, in addition to considering the amount of pumped concrete, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and surrounding environment should also be considered. Under normal circumstances, the main performance parameters of the secondary structure transfer pump selected should be consistent with the construction needs, and there should be no too large gaps. Of course, when the pumping capacity is too large, the utilization rate will decrease and become smaller. This will cause delays in construction requirements. In severe cases, it will accelerate the loss of equipment.

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