Sizes of concrete boom pumps

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  Concrete boom pump sizes include length, width and height of the chassis, pump arm height, boom section number, boom diameter size etc.

  The length of a truck mounted concrete boom pump has various specifications, namely 21 meters, 24 meters, 28 meters, 30 meters, 33 meters, 38 meters, and 35 meters. Different pump trucks will be designed according to the requirements of the length, width and height of the chassis, the efficiency requirements of the mixer, the length of the boom, etc. For example, under the condition that the other configurations of the 33-meter pump truck remain unchanged, the boom design is optimized and the overall layout is adjusted Then launched a 35-meter mixing pump truck.
concrete boom pump
  According to the height of the boom of the pump truck, a concrete boom pump can be divided into short boom, long boom, and super long boom. Usually the boom length of 13-28 meters is a short boom, 31-47 meters is a long boom, and 51-62 meters is an ultra-long boom. The most common pump trucks currently on the market are mostly short boom and long boom.

  According to the different number of boom sections, concrete boom pump trucks can be divided into four types: 2 boom, 3 boom, 4 boom, 5 boom, 6 boom, 7 boom. The most common ones in the market are 2-section arms, 3-section arms, 4-section arms, and 5-section arms. The maximum height of the 5-section boom 4-axle boom is between 50 meters and 56 meters. The size of the pump tube is 125MM.

  The low pressure type of the pump pipe is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ133, and the high pressure is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ140; the low pressure model of the 150 type pump pipe is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ159, and a high pressure is a pipe with an outer diameter of Φ168. The head of the pump pipe is a specially processed pipe joint, which is connected to the pipe body by welding, and the connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe clamp processed by a precision casting process.

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