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  A mini trailer concrete pump falls on two types divided by power kinds: diesel and electric. Diesel powered and electric powered concrete pumps have their own advantages. Electricity drives are more economical and environmentally friendly. However, they need to be connected to the grid and require sufficient power. This is not suitable in remote rural areas and the wild. Diesel power does not need to be connected. Connected to the grid, but fuel consumption is more expensive than electricity, and it is polluting.

  As the name suggests, electric mini concrete pumps use electricity to drive the equipment pouring and construction. As long as the construction place can meet the power supply of the equipment, it means that the equipment can be constructed normally as long as it can be connected to three-phase electricity. The motor power used by the small concrete pump is calculated according to KW. Because the construction efficiency of delivering 5 cubic meters of material per hour must be completed, it is important that the construction is not interrupted. In places with sufficient electricity, wires are sold everywhere, and the price is not expensive, which is more economical than small diesel-powered pumps.
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  In addition, an electric mini concrete pump is very environmentally friendly during construction, and will not cause some pollution near the construction as the diesel-powered equipment is constructed, and it is not easy to clean. As long as the electric small transfer pump does not block the pipe, the normal power supply voltage will not cause pollution to the construction, eliminating some links of cleaning and cleaning. There are three types of motor power: 5.5kw, 11kw and 5kw according to different models. The greater the flow and head requirements, the greater the motor power is required. A variety of different motor powers are available, making construction more convenient.

  To sum up, electric mini concrete pumps are better than diesel ones in both efficiency and energy cost. If the external power is sufficient and convenient, you can choose an electric trailer pump, which has lower energy consumption costs and lower prices. Otherwise, you have to use diesel pumps. Of course, the working location of the trailer pump is not static. If an electric trailer pump goes to the wilderness without electricity, what should you do? In response to this problem, many cement pump machine manufacturers have equipped their trailer pumps with diesel-electric dual-power systems. However, this is generally for larger trailer pumps, for small trailer pumps are rarely confronted with this problem.

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