How to rent a concrete pump truck

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  How to rent a concrete pump truck? Concrete pumps trucks are frequently applied trucks in modern construction. Purchasers obtain a pump mainly for two purposes: to use it for their own building projects or to rent it out for money. To rent a concrete pump truck, you should pay attention to the following points.

  First, be clear about the site and capacity of your building projects, so that you will be able to choose a suitable pump.

  Second, make sure that all parts of the concrete pump truck you are going to rent are in excellent states. Otherwise it will be frustrating to have a rented pump failed on the spot while ready mix concrete are waiting to be pumped.
rent a concrete pump truck

  Third, make it clear in the contract the payment way and measurement methods. Usually a pump for rental is charged by capacities of concrete it pumps. For example, 3 dollars for pumping one cubic meters of concrete.

  Fourth, it’s troublesome to rent a concrete pump truck without necessary certificates and insurance, for this indicates the quality of a pump in a way.

  From the leasing company's point of view, the lessee should ensure the training of his own operators, ensure the safe driving and construction of the concrete pump truck, do not violate the rules and regulations, and ensure the safe and normal use of the pump truck from the leasing company's point of view. The lessee should not sublease the pump truck to other people without permission, so as to avoid building it. The loss of the leasing company should be considered by both parties when leasing the doubtful earth pump truck. Generally, we should sign a leasing contract when leasing the pump truck. In this way, even if there are problems in our leasing transaction, it is more convenient to solve them according to the terms and contents of the contract.

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