How to hire a concrete pump truck

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  How to hire a concrete pump truck? In hiring concrete trucks, you should follow certain given tips to further guarantee the quality of service, standardize the leasing business between Party A and Party B, and clarify the rights and obligations between the two parties. The contract should be based on the principles of equality, fairness and consensus in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Before renting a concrete pump truck, two copies for the concrete pump rental contracts need to be drawn up. Each sides holds one copy. As for the contents of the concrete pump pumping lease contract, today we will briefly introduce here:

  1. Lease time, this must be clearly stated in the concrete pump truck rental contract, and the cost of equipment has been incurred;

hire a concrete pump truck

2. The payment method of the fee, etc.;

3. The constraint of liability for breach of contract;

4. Models, number of units, accessories and related equipment parameters of the leased concrete pump;

5, the venue rental use, this need to be specific to the business;

6. The calculation method of the rental fee, such as monthly calculation or annual calculation.

7. After-sales service provided by concrete pump manufacturers, after-sales service includes equipment maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, reinforcement, disassembly, etc.


If you want to hire a concrete pump truck, you had better learn basic contract and leasing industry knowledge to avoid unnecessary disputes in the contract.

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