Priming a concrete pump truck

Posted On: 24/09/2019 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

  Steps in priming a concrete pump truck is as below.

  1. After the concrete pump truck is driven to the construction site, stop and pull the handbrake. The handbrake is pulled out to the parking position.

  2. When the hand brake of the pump truck is pulled to the parking position, the brake light on the instrument panel is on, indicating that the pump truck is in the braking state.

  The chassis position is placed in neutral; check the air pressure should be greater than 700KPa (if the air pressure is lower than this value, start the engine no-load operation, turn off the engine after reaching normal air pressure).
priming a concrete pump truck

  3. Press the pump power button and wait for about 10 seconds to complete the PLC program initialization.

  After the PLC program initialization is switched to the position, the oil pump indicator light is on, and then the oil pump switching button is pressed to switch the transfer case position to the oil pump position.

  4. Start the engine, first step on the clutch, the chassis will hang the corresponding gear (the Volvo chassis vehicle hangs eight gears, the Isuzu chassis hangs six gears), and the foot slowly releases the clutch!

  The above are steps in priming a concrete pump truck. Hope it’s helpful.

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