How a concrete pump truck works

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  How a concrete pump truck works? You will get a full information after learning about working principle and composition of the truck.

  1. Working principle of concrete pump truck

  The rubber tube is squeezed when rolling with the roller, so that the rubber tube has the ability to absorb and output concrete, thereby achieving the purpose of transportation.

  The drive shaft 8 drives the roller carriage 2 and the three rollers 4 to rotate, continuously squeezing the rubber hose 5. The vacuum suction port 6 is connected to a vacuum pump. During operation, the vacuum pump continuously draws air, causing a negative pressure in the pump body I. The function of the support roller 3 is to assist the quick recovery of the hose after the extrusion to improve the suction performance of the concrete.

  If the pump is placed on the chassis of the car, and the boom type cloth boom, the underframe, the legs, the hopper, the washing mechanism, etc. are provided, a squeeze concrete pump truck is formed. Generally, the concrete output pressure is 1.8 MPa, the discharge amount is 50 m3/h, and the maximum height of the boom is 16 m.

How a concrete pump truck works

  2. Main structure of concrete pump truck

  The structure of the concrete cloth pump truck is mainly composed of a special automobile chassis, concrete pump, agitator, screen, cloth device, concrete distribution valve and legs.

  (1) Concrete distribution valve

  The concrete distribution valve is a key part of the concrete pump truck. It should meet the requirements of smooth pumping, fast switching, effective sealing to prevent concrete overflow, and low suction resistance.

  (2) Concrete boom

  The concrete distribution bar is a swingable, telescopic, folding boom and conveying pipe that conveys concrete material within a certain range.

  Commonly used booms are 3, 4 or 5 knots. It can be hydraulically folded and is generally made into a box-shaped boom structure. Depending on the folding method, it can be generally divided into a roll-up fold and a Z-fold or a combination of two folds.

  In the roll-up type, each of the rods is wound from the outside to the inside. In contrast, in the z-fold, each rod is folded or folded over like an inch scale, so that the space for its extension is limited to a height of 5 m to meet the requirements of tunnel construction or construction in the building. The stretching time of the Z-fold is about 5 minutes, and the folding of the roll takes about 8 minutes.

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